Gavin Lowe Energy


At Gavin Lowe Energy we want you to get the solution that best supports your needs and performs for you when you need it.
That is why we take the time to listen and get it right first time, then you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home or commercial property all year round.


Planning & Installation

Planning is key to any project and here at Gavin Lowe Energy we plan our projects through consultation with our clients and full involvement, from start to finish. All homes, families and buildings are different, that’s why it is important that we understand and learn from you what’s most important to you.  We can then work with you and design and install a solution the best fits you and your budget. Whether its ventilation, air conditioning or heating products we will help recommend the best of our market leading products and our qualified engineers will install these using their procession and skill.


Warranty & Servicing

Our vastly skilled service and maintenance technicians have the skills and qualifications to work on and repair any system. To ensure systems optimise their performance, we offer a full service and maintenance programme and work with our clients year round to provide good fast service and a quick return to comfortable living or work conditions. These regular maintenance checks are tailored to your needs and provide the opportunity to prevent problems before they occur and for us to work on improving your quality of life and comfort.