With the ever increasing cost to electrcity prices, but also to our environment, we are encouraged to look for alternative sources of renewable  energy and to reduce our consumption where possible.  Fortunately in New Zealand most of our generated electricity comes from renewable resources, ie water and wind. 

An alternative to electricity is the use of solar power, which Gavin Lowe Energy Solutions can provide through evacuated tubes for solar hot water and also through photovoltaic solar panels for your power.  A small amount of electricity is generally require for both of these systems in the city with the bulk being provided by these alternative sources. 

Our Recommended Brands

While the technology continues to mature, Mitsubishi Electric has been a world leader in this area producing photovoltaic panels for over 35 years.  They stand by this superior product with a performance warranty of 25 years.

Every new or existing home would require a tailor made solution designed and quoted for each very specific situation.  A typical solar panel investment for a family in a four bedroom home, using an average of 20 kWh of power per day, would be a 2kW solar panel system that can generate an annual average minimum of 8 kWh per day.  Such a system would require 9x 225 watt 24 volt panels, a 2kw inverter, mounting system, installation and council permit.

You can arrange your free design and quote from Gavin Lowe Energy Solutions. Try out the NZ Solar PV Panel Calculator to find out what solar solutions suits you.

String Inverters

EnaSolar manufacture a range of cool solar inverters for the global market. Our product range includes 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.8kW and 4.0 & 5.0kW dual MPPT grid tied solar inverters.

Immersun Hot – Water Controller

Whether it's for a new build or for an existing PV system the immerSUN Self-Consumption Controller will:

  • Save you money and increase energy efficiency
    Unlike solar thermal systems there is no energy wastage - feed the house, feed the hot water and any excess goes to the grid.
  • Maximise your return on investment
    Due to low or even zero feed in tariffs you get a significant ROI by storing your energy (into hot water) during the day for later use without the grid.
  • Allow for easy control and monitoring
    The built in LCD features allow for easy to read graphical information and use of advanced boost functions.
  • Provide free integrated reporting
    When connected to the EnaSolar inverter the full integrated reporting provides independent verification of your solar system performance and in doing so gives measurement of performance to warranty guarantees. Free reporting without subscription fees.

More Power From Your Panels

Enphase Microinverters get more power from the same solar panels. This means greater savings for you, and greater environmental impact. each microinverter connect to a single solar panel so, unlike other types of inverters, if there is a dirty, shaded or problem panel, the rest of the system keeps running smoothly.