With the ever increasing cost to electrcity prices, but also to our environment, we are encouraged to look for alternative sources of renewable  energy and to reduce our consumption where possible.  Fortunately in New Zealand most of our generated electricity comes from renewable resources, ie water and wind. 

An alternative to your own electricity use is the generation of solar power, through photovoltaic solar panels.  These are typically connected to an inverter connected to the grid and/or a battery storage system.  The economics of investing in such a system relies more on your ability to utilise the power you are generating as you generate it if installing a grid connected system.  If wishing to utilise this energy outside of this a battery storage system is the best option.

The technology is changing quickly at the moment, as is the pricing.  All solar power installations carried out by Gavin Lowe Energy are designed and quoted individually to suit your property, for existing or new residential and commercial premises.  Talk to the Team at Gavin Lowe Energy for your free consultation and quote.