The hot water system in your home can be responsible for up to 40% to 50%, or even more, of your monthly electricity bill, and we all know this is not a cost that will be getting any cheaper!

By making the choice to install an alternative system to heat your hot water, you will create real savings, not just on your electrcity bill, but on the environment as well. EECA has carried out their own research on the cost of hot water, with heat pump water heaters coming out on top.

At Gavin Lowe Energy, we offer the most efficient and cost effective heat pump water heating options. As well as, we offer solar and heat pump ready hot water cylinders which are not much more expensive than standard cylinders and are a great way to future proof your new or existing home.

Brands We Recommend

SPLIT SYSTEM HEAT PUMP HOT WATER HEATER - Econergy HP4000LT heat pump hot water heater is a well established solution, rated #1 by Consumer.  Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for South Island conditions, these compact split system units can retrofit to any electric hot water cylinder. 

INTEGRATED HEAT PUMP HOT WATER CYLINDER - Stiebel Eltron's latest range of hot water heat pumps, the WWK 222|222H and WWK 302|302H, set a new benchmark for heat pumps in the New Zealand market. Not only are they great looking but there are many new innovations incorporated in the sophisticated design. Features include a maintenance free current impressed anode, active defrost for operation down to minus 5°C, the option to connect the heat pumps with solar PV systems and the ability to transport them horizontally.