Hot Water Heating

The hot water system in your home can be responsible for up to 40% to 50%, or even more, of your monthly electricity bill, and we all know this is not a cost that will be getting any cheaper!

By making the choice to install an alternative system to heat your hot water, you will create real savings, not just on your electrcity bill, but on the environment as well. EECA has carried out their own research on the cost of hot water, with heat pump and solar water heaters coming out on top.

At Gavin Lowe Energy, we offer the most efficient and cost effective water heating options, solar water heaters and heat pump water heaters. As well as, we offer solar and heat pump ready hot water cylinders which are not much more expensive than standard cylinders and are a great way to future proof your new or existing home.

Brands We Recommend

The well established Econergy HP4000LT heat pump water heater was rated #1 in Consumers 2009 report.  Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for South Island conditions, these compact units can retrofit to any electric hot water cylinder.

Solar water heating using evacuated tubes can easily be mounted on the roof of your home, with an average size needing between 25 and 30 tubes.  The best efficiency comes on clear sunny days, but you are still able to heat your water even on overcast days.  Effectively what this means for you is that during the late spring, summer and early autumn months your hot water will be mostly heated with the solar water heating system, needing very little boost from electrcity, with this only increasing during the cooler months.

THERMAGENIUS Integral Outdoor Hot Water Heat Pumps extract renewable energy stored in the air to heat water. Unlike solar water heating systems, THERMAGENIUS is less dependent on weather and operates throughout the year even during long winter nights. THERMAGENIUS is extremely efficient resulting in a low payback period.

The Leap outdoor unit comes with a hot water cylinder and a heat pump unit on top. This can be situated outside the house.