Our vastly skilled service and maintenance  technicians have the skills and qualifications to work on and repair any system. To ensure systems optimise their performance, we offer a full service and maintenance programme and work with our clients year round to provide good fast service and a quick return to comfortable living or work conditions. These regular maintenance checks are tailored to your needs and provide the opportunity to prevent problems before they occur and for us to work on improving your quality of life and comfort.



Gavin Lowe Energy Solutions are authorised agents to support your warranty for leading heat pump/air conditioning manufacturers, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba and LG.  Gavin Lowe Energy Solutions will also support the warranty of your ventilation system and any other equipment we have installed.

If your heat pump/air conditioning or ventilation system was installed by us then we will hold all your warranty details in our database.  If your system wasn’t installed by us we can access these details via your equipment serial numbers directly with the manufacturer.

Warranty coverage and validity periods can vary for differing equipment.

Compliance and Maintenance Schedule

  • Clean and disinfect the systems coils.
  • Check refrigerant charge and test any suspect joints for leaks.
  • Check fan blades for tightness and condition of fan/motor shafts.
  • Check condenser and evaporative fan motors (oil if fitted with lubricators).
  • Check evaporative surfaces, drain pan and drain lines (clean if required).
  • Check current draw of compressor motors.
  • Check operation of motor contactors and relays.
  • Check electrical connections (tighten if required)
  • Check operation of controls e.g. thermostats, humidistats, pressure controls and safety cut outs.
  • Check operation of crankcase heaters.
  • Check, clean or replace air filters/pads.
  • Check air handler bearings and lubricate (if fitted with lubricators).
  • Check operation of heating elements


Our Electricians are fully qualified to carry out any electrical services in your home or office, over and above the installion of your heat pump, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, for everything from switchboard upgrades to solar installations. 

Service Callout

Gavin Lowe Energy Solutions can carry out service and repair work to your heat pump, air conditioning or ventilation systems. 

Our qualified air-conditioning service engineers will be able to diagnose the fault and make the necessary repairs.

We charge a minimum of 1 hour and travel for all service callouts.

To book a service engineer call us on Ph 337-9584 between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Below are a couple of ‘Quick Tips’ that you may want to try before you call us;

****Quick Tip 1***** 
If you have experienced a recent power surge or outage, your heat pump may need to be reset.  To do this turn the heat pump off on the indoor unit with your remote control, then go to the outdoor unit and turn the power isolator off, it will be near the outdoor unit.  Leave it off for 15 minutes to completely power down.  When you turn it back on, go to your indoor unit and turn this on with your remote control, and give it 10 minutes or so to recommence communication. 

****Quick Tip 2****
Communication between the remote control and the indoor unit of your heat pump has to be made directly, and you need to hear it beep with every instruction.  It can be quite deceiving as your remote control screen may say that your settings are one thing but the heat pump is set on another.  To check this just adjust the settings through a cycle to where you want it to be making sure you hear a beep with each press of the button. 

*****Quick Tip 3*****
Your remote control will need the batteries (usually 2x) changed periodically, you will know when, when the screen becomes quite faint or when you are changing the settings it becomes less responsive.  When you do this the heat pump will revert to its factory settings and will need to be adjusted to your preferred settings.  You can avoid this if you change one battery at a time rather than taking both out at the same time.  If you have a regular 2 yearly maintenance service with us we include a change of batteries for you.


Service Contracts

A full Preventative Maintenance Service agreement will ensure you meet your compliance requirements and that the life of your equipment is maximised whilst operating at full efficiency with reduced service call outs. 

We strongly recommend all commercial premises enter into a regular service contract, the frequency can vary depending on the demand on the installed equipment.

The benefits of a regular service contract include;

  • Supporting your warranty
  • Improving the performance of your system
  • Improving efficiency and related your energy costs
  • Assisting in the diagnosis of potential failures before they occur
  • Extending the  life of your system
  • Air quality improvement