We can service all brands and models of heat pumps with our own team of  experienced technicians.  We recommend a maintenance service every 2 years for a residential home, and only more often if you are near the sea or in an area that contains a higher level of contaminants, for example near a building site.

Why A Regular Maintenance Service?

  • Improves the performance and output of your system
  • Improves efficiency and therefore your energy costs
  • Contributes towards the extended life of your system
  • Improves the air quality of your home
  • Assists in the early diagnosis of any potential failures before they occur, reduces down time

Compliance and Maintenance Schedule

  • Clean and disinfect the systems coils.
  • Check refrigerant charge and test any suspect joints for leaks.
  • Check fan blades for tightness and condition of fan/motor shafts.
  • Check condenser and evaporative fan motors (oil if fitted with lubricators).
  • Check evaporative surfaces, drain pan and drain lines (clean if required).
  • Check current draw of compressor motors.
  • Check operation of motor contactors and relays.
  • Check electrical connections (tighten if required)
  • Check operation of controls e.g. thermostats, humidistats, pressure controls and safety cut outs.
  • Check operation of crankcase heaters.
  • Check, clean or replace air filters/pads.
  • Check air handler bearings and lubricate (if fitted with lubricators).
  • Check operation of heating elements
  • Clean indoor and outdoor casing
  • Check the remote control operation, change batteries
  • Provide information and instruction as required

Maintenance Service Pricing

  • $140.00 - 1x Single Split Heat Pump
  • $230.00 - 2x Single Split Heat Pumps
  • $295.00 - 3x Single Split Heat Pumps
  • $185.00 - 1x Multi System & 2 Indoors
  • $235.00 - 1x Multi System & 3 Indoors
  • $285.00 - 1x Multi System & 4 Indoors
  • $145.00 - 1x Ducted System
  • $145.00 - 1x Cassette System