Here are some ‘Quick Tips’ that you may want to try before you call us;

****Quick Tip 1*****  
If you have experienced a recent power surge or outage, or sometimes, just like your computer, for no obvious reason, your heat pump may need to be reset.  To do this turn the heat pump off on the indoor unit with your remote control, then go to the outdoor unit and turn the power isolator off, it will be near the outdoor unit.  Leave it off for 15 minutes to completely power down.  When you turn it back on, go to your indoor unit and turn this on with your remote control, and give it 10 minutes or so to recommence communication. 

****Quick Tip 2**** 
Communication between the remote control and the indoor unit of your heat pump has to be made directly, and you need to hear it beep with every instruction.  It can be quite deceiving as your remote control screen may say that your settings are one thing but the heat pump is set on another.  To check this just adjust the settings through a cycle to where you want it to be making sure you hear a beep with each press of the button. 

*****Quick Tip 3*****
Your remote control will need the batteries (usually 2x) changed periodically, you will know when, when the screen becomes quite faint or when you are changing the settings it becomes less responsive.  When you do this the heat pump will revert to its factory settings and will need to be adjusted to your preferred settings.  You can avoid this if you change one battery at a time rather than taking both out at the same time.  If you have a regular 2 yearly maintenance service with us we include a change of batteries for you.