Benefits of Heat Pumps For Swimming Pools

  • Raise the temperature of your swimming pool for more days splashing around
  • Economic to run with heat pump technology with unbeatable energy efficiency
  • Can be retrofited to most existing swimming pools

How Heat Pumps Work

A Heat Pump is a reverse cycle Air Conditioner, which means the system both heats and cools.

Heat pumps work in much the same way as a refrigerator.  Two coils (one inside and one outside) circulate a refrigerant that draws warmth from the outside air and transfers it into your home.  Nothing is actually heated, there are no glowing elements and the process is very efficient.  The heat-transfer fluid used boils at -40 degrees Celsius, so even on the coldest winter’s day heat is absorbed and transferred indoors.  In the application for your swimming pool, this heat is transferred to the water in your pool.

Selecting the correct size

Determine your pools surface area in square meters.  Up to 25 square meters 9 kW heating capacity, up to 40 square meters 13 kW heating capacity and up to 65 square meters 21 kW heating capacity.

Our Recommended Brands

We recommend Hayward EnergyPro Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - Hayward 13 kW system $4,850.00 incl GST (supply only, installation to be assessed with an obligation free on site assessment.)