Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

Bringing fresh drier air into your home will improve the air quality, reducing moisture, dust, mites and other unseen irritants.  Combine this with the recovery of existing heat in your home, whilst extracting stale moisture laden air, and you will get the added benefit of reusing the heat you have already paid for.

Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive Pressure ventilation systems draw fresher, drier air into your home from either the roof cavity or outside. This air is then passed through a high efficiency filter and introduced into your home. This introduced air forces out the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew.

Our Leading Brands

Smartvent Evolve -  Smartvent evolve uses it multiple room and environment sensors to select the best air source based on both temperature and humidity levels.

Smartvent Positive - This positive pressure ventilation system brings fresh air into the home or office and removes stale air.  A simple solution for a fresher air supply.  A single supply outlet system can be supplied and installed at minimal cost.

Smartvent Synergy - This ventilation and heat recovery system recovers and reuses up to 90% of the heat extracted from within your home or office, drawing fresh air from the outside or roof cavity.  They feature a high quality filter capturing 80-90% of 0.4 micron particles including dust, pollens, allergens and mould spores, and a stylish digital controller.  Easily added to this is the heat transfer system to take the excess heat from one room and transferring it to other rooms in your home or office.  A Smartvent 190 3 supply outlet is suitable for a 3 bedroom home, with pricing including supply and installation of the Smartvent Synergy unit, and return and supply grills, ducting, louvers and wall controller.

CleanAire - Heat Recovery

A Genuine HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) exhausts stale, humid air out of your home and brings in CLEANAIRE from outside. All Genuine HRV's have two fans and an in-built "Air to Air" Heat Exchanger, which transfers heat from the exhaust air stream to the incoming fresh air supply.

Outdoor Air Not Roof Space Air!

Have you looked into your roof space lately?  Just because the air some other systems supply is dry does not mean its FRESH. To ensure the best for your family the healthiest and ideal way is to take clean air from outside and place it into your home as fresh, warm air.

Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation Solutions

Lossnay by Mitsubishi Electric, is an advanced Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System that captures and filters fresh outdoor air (as opposed to attic air) to replace indoor stale air for an all-round healthier, drier and warmer home. But what makes Lossnay so different from other ventilation systems is our patented Heat Exchanger, which is the secret to the heat recovery capabilities of the Lossnay ventilation unit and provides several important benefits.

Firstly, the system is specifically designed to minimise temperature differences that are the result from mixing incoming fresh air with outgoing indoor air.

Secondly, it does this without feeling noticeable draughts that are often inherent with other systems.

Thirdly, the unique patented resin membrane core is able to maximize recovery of the available heat in moist air in your home as a result from cooking and showering. The available energy is absorbed and re-used to provide pre-warming in winter or pre-cooling in summer, rather than going to waste by directly transferring this air outside. And in doing so, is able to minimise moisture build up and maintain and manage healthy humidity levels in your home.

The end result: your home is ventilated with filtered fresh clean, pre-warmed (or cooled) air at the same time whilst maintaining optimum humidity levels for healthy living. The system is super energy efficient and designed specifically to be whisper quiet.