Heat pump options
to suit everyone

There are many differing indoor heat pump options, all connected by refrigerant pair coil and connecting cable with an outdoor unit.

We can create your comfort zone whatever your space or budget, whether it’s a new build or an existing home or business, and our expert advice and design is free of charge.

You are welcome to check out all of the options below in our showroom. We have both static and operational displays.

split heat pumps


The indoor unit is either mounted high on the wall (high wall system) or low on the wall just above the floor (floor console system). This option is generally the most straight forward and affordable to install, with pricing starting from around $2,500.00 (3kW heat pump, including all back to back installation costs) and is ideal to heat or cool a single room or area. Floor console systems will generally have a top and bottom vent making them slightly more expensive than a high wall system.

bulkhead heating


The indoor unit is hidden inside a bulkhead behind a custom made supply grill on the front and a return grill fitted underneath, effectively a hidden version of a high wall split system. This option whilst more expensive than a high wall split system (around double), is a suitable solution if a more visually discrete outcome is preferred.

A good time to consider this option is when renovating or building new (building work to create the bulkhead is extra).

ducted central heating

Ducted (Central Heating)

The indoor unit is usually located either under the floor or in the ceiling space, with airflow directed through insulated ducting to multiple diffusers or supply grilles. Each ducted system needs to be specifically designed for its particular situation, correctly installed and balanced, which our engineers are qualified to do. Individual room control can be additionally installed with a zone control system. Most suitable for a large space or several spaces as a single solution. Pricing will vary depending on the capacity of the system and the number of outlets, plus any preference for upgraded grills, but will often represent value for money on a per room basis.

ceiling cassette heating option

Ceiling Cassette

Suspended in the ceiling space of the area requiring heating or cooling, with just the multi-directional air flow grills connected to the unit exposed. This option leaves all the wall space available but without the extensive installation of a bulkhead or ducted system. Works well in an office or any area where the space suits air flow in all directions and where the unit is preferred well out of the way. Pricing for this type of unit is around double that of a split system

multi indoor system heating options

Multi Indoor System

Multiple indoor units (can be a combination of split, bulkhead, cassette or ducted options) connected to just one outdoor unit. These systems are ideal for office or homes which require either heating or cooling in each individual area. Multi Systems are also useful if there is only limited space outside of the outdoor unit or to reduce the number required. The cost benefit is realised at 3x indoor heads on this type of multi system versus 3x separate high wall split system heat pumps.

Hydronic Underfloor heating

Hydronic Underfloor

Using heat pump technology connected through a hot water heating system to a network of pipes under the floor or to radiators and your hot water supply. Locating the heating system in the floor allows the heat to radiate upwards, whilst maintaining an even temperature throughout the home, providing an un-obtrusive and unseen heating solution. This type of installation best suits a new build, with pipework being installed in the foundations.