Suitable ventilation and air exchange, designed specifically to suit your space, is important for healthy living.

Ventilation options
The different types

We will design a ventilation solution to suit your premises, specify the appropriate equipment and complete the installation. The options for ventilation systems are outlined below. Get in touch with our team or visit our showroom for more detailed information.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

Bringing fresh, drier air into your home improves air quality, reducing moisture, dust mites and other unseen irritants.

Combine this with the recovery of existing heat in your home, while extracting stale, moisture-laden air, and you get the added benefit of reusing heat you have already paid for.

Positive Pressure Ventilation diagram

Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive Pressure ventilation systems draw fresher, drier air into your home from either the roof cavity or outside.

This air is then passed through a high efficiency filter and introduced into your home.

The introduced air forces out the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew.

Heat Transfer

Transfer excess warmth from your living area to other rooms (like bedrooms) in your home – solving the problem of one ‘too hot’ room while bedrooms are icy cold in winter. Ideal for working in conjunction with a log burner or pellet fire.

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