and Maintenance

Our team of experienced service engineers and maintenance technicians have the skills and qualifications to maintain and service your equipment and to repair any system as required.


From time to time, like any mechanical appliance, your equipment may fail for a variety of reasons, and will require a service call-out for repair.

The service team at Gavin Lowe Energy are available to assess and repair any brand and any model of heat pump, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, from diagnosis to obtaining necessary parts if required and completing the necessary repair.

If a repair proves to be a costly exercise, a quote for either the repair option or to replace the system with the current equivalent can also be provided by our team.

We charge a minimum of 1 hour and travel for all service repair call-outs.


Having your heat pump, air conditioning or ventilation system maintained regularly is an important part of looking after your warranty and also to ensure your system is running efficiently and cost-effectively.

Maintenance servicing also provides the opportunity to prevent problems before they occur and contribute to the extended life of your system.

We can service all brands and models of heat pumps with our own team of experienced technicians.

We recommend a maintenance service every 2 years for a residential home,

and more often if you are near the sea or in an area that contains a higher level of contaminants, for example near a building site.

Once you are on our database, we will send you a reminder by post every 2 years, which you can of course opt out of at any time.

Please note we will never cold call by telephone as some companies have been known to try and represent us in this way, and we will only ever send to you suitably trained and qualified staff to complete this work.

What can regular maintenance do for your heat pump?

  • Improve the performance and output of your system
  • Improve efficiency and therefore reduce your energy costs
  • Contribute towards the extended life of your system
  • Improve the air quality of your home or business
  • Assist in early diagnosis of any potential failures before they occur, and as a result, reducing downtime

What does a maintenance service involve?

  • Clean and disinfect the systems coils
  • Check refrigerant charge and test any suspect joints for leaks
  • Check fan blades for tightness and condition of fan/motor shafts
  • Check condenser and evaporative fan motors (oil if fitted with lubricators)
  • Check evaporative surfaces, drain pan and drain lines (clean if required)
  • Check current draw of compressor motors
  • Check operation of motor contactors and relays
  • Check electrical connections (tighten if required)
  • Check operation of controls e.g. thermostats, humidistats, pressure controls and safety cut outs
  • Check operation of crankcase heaters
  • Check, clean or replace air filters/pads
  • Check air handler bearings and lubricate (if fitted with lubricators)
  • Check operation of heating elements
  • Clean indoor and outdoor casing
  • Check the remote control operation, change batteries
  • Provide information and instruction as required

Why should my heat pump be serviced by Gavin Lowe Energy?

A maintenance service to a single split heat pump costs $150.00 incl GST*.  There are some companies offering this service for less than this, but are they actually offering the same service?  To provide an analogy; if you were getting your car serviced, it’s a bit like the difference between just an oil change versus a full service that also includes your brakes, air filter, spark plugs and an engine tune. As detailed above, our maintenance service is comprehensive.

If you are having your heat pump serviced by another company, we’d still like to assist you and recommend that you ask them some relevant questions while they are there;

  • What is the output current draw of the unit?
  • Is the current draw appropriate for that particular unit?
  • What is the variance between the air on and air off?
  • Are there any diagnostic fault codes showing inside the system?

* Scaled pricing for additional heat pumps in the same property are available.


Gavin Lowe Energy are authorised agents to support your warranty for leading heat pump/air conditioning manufacturers, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Hitachi and more.

Gavin Lowe Energy will also support the warranty of your ventilation system and any other equipment you have installed.

If your heat pump/air conditioning or ventilation system was installed by us, then we will hold all your equipment serial numbers and warranty details in our database.

If your system wasn’t installed by us we can access these details via your equipment serial numbers directly with the manufacturer.

Warranty coverage and validity periods can vary for differing equipment, but typically heat pumps will have a 5 year warranty.

Within this period, if you suspect your heat pump is not performing as it should or it has got noisier, it is definitely worth getting us to check this out, as repairs may be covered under your warranty.

Faults can often be identified during a regular maintenance service, and servicing should have been carried out at least once, ideally twice within this period to ensure your warranty is valid.

Service Agreements
and BWoF

A full Preventative Maintenance Service agreement will ensure you meet your commercial building compliance requirements and ensure the life of your equipment is maximised while operating at full efficiency with reduced service callouts.

A service agreement will provide you with the required Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) compliance for all specified mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems and IQP 12A certificates.

This is in accordance with the Building Act, your Council issued Building Compliance Schedule, and your building/business insurance cover requirements.

In addition to your BWoF compliance requirements, regular servicing will ensure that the life of your equipment is maximised; any warranty work is claimed within warranty period, while operating at best efficiency; ensure minimal breakdown call outs; with a comprehensive maintenance action schedule carried out by a qualified engineer.

We recommend all commercial premises or large complex residential systems enter into a regular service agreement. The frequency can vary depending on the level of demand on your installed equipment.