Hydrobox Hot Water

Black Diamonds new product release – Hyrdobox Hot Water Heat Pump

This is the next generation in super energy efficient hot water heating.

Compared to traditional electric hot water heaters, a hot water heat pump produces up to three times less greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, compare these low carbon systems to an instant gas hot water system, and a staggering seven fold reduction in emissions can be realised! *1

This makes water heating one of the largest single sources of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Kiwi home. As such, EECA has identified heat pumps as playing a key role in the ability to significantly reduce costs and greenhouse emissions from energy use.

Currently an estimated 67% of New Zealand homes use a traditional electric hot water system in the home.*2 Substituting existing, less efficient technologies with more efficient technologies such as a hot water heat pump therefore has the ability to make a significant reduction in overall greenhouse emissions.

If you are looking for super energy efficient water heating with minimal environmental impact, a Black Diamond Hydrobox Hot Water Heat Pump System is the obvious low carbon solution.

Suitable for retrofitting or your new installation, this system will provide savings of 3 times on what you are already spending now on your hot water with a co-efficient of performance (COP) of 3.2kW.  Suitable for our temperatures here in Christchurch, down to minus 15 degrees, your payback on this investment could be as low as 3 years.

*1 Based on electrical and gas emission factor for New Zealand.
*2 Based on E3 Policy Framework data for New Zealand.

There are 3 components to the Hydrobox hot water heat pump;

The Outdoor Unit

The Black Diamond Hydrobox Hot Water Heat Pump System incorporates an outdoor unit just like any heat pump space heating system. It uses electricity to absorb freely available warmth from the surrounding air and then transfers it to your home so it can provide energy efficient hot water heating all year round.

The system utilises next generation R32 refrigerant in the outdoor unit which has 1/3 the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of R410A commonly used in other systems, meaning it is better for the environment.

The Black Diamond Hydrobox Heat Exchanger Module

The Black Diamond Hydrobox features an intelligent computer control which ensures that the system continually optimises performance.

The Hydrobox ensures water is heated to 62°C and is fed directly into the top of the cylinder. This means that this water is ready to use straight away. In a traditional electric system it can take hours to heat the water cylinder enough to produce 60°C water from a cold tank situation.

Furthermore, the system features fast recovery of a full water tank and can reheat an entire 180L cylinder in 2 ½ hours where traditional electric cylinders can take up to 3 ¼ hours in winter*.

* Based on tank heat-up test at 10°C ambient temp.

The Hot Water Cylinder

The Black Diamond Hydrobox Hot Water Heat Pump System is designed to easily integrate with existing hot water cylinders so you can benefit from capital cost savings on retrofits.

Click here to download the Hydrobox brochure.@BDHydrobox

Talk to the team at Gavin Lowe Energy for your assessment and quote for this exciting new product.

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