Other types
of heat pumps

In addition to keeping your living space warm, heat pump technology has successfully been applied to other applications, such as hot water heating or swimming pool heating, taking advantage of that same unbeatable efficiency.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

The hot water heating system in your home can be responsible for up to 40% to 50%, or even more, of your monthly electricity bill, and we all know this is not a cost that will be getting any cheaper!

By making the choice to install an alternative system to heat your hot water, you will create real savings, not just on your electricity bill, but on the environment as well. EECA has carried out their own research on the cost of hot water, with heat pump water heaters coming out on top, with an easily calculated payback on your investment.

Heat pump water heating uses the latent heat in the air, in the same way as heat pumps are used to warm up your home, except in this application it releases the heat into the water supplying your hot water cylinder. This form of heating offers savings to your hot water bill all year round.

At Gavin Lowe Energy, we can offer two different options for your heat pump hot water heating:

  1. Heat pump hot water heater- an outdoor unit is connected with refrigerant and water pipes to your indoor hot water cylinder. This option can easily retrofit to any electric hot water cylinder.
  2. Integrated heat pump hot water cylinder – a fully integrated hot water cylinder and heat pump, full insulated is generally located outside of the dwelling. This option offers a quick and easy conversion from gas hot water heating systems.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Using heat pump technology, you can raise the temperature of your swimming pool for more days splashing around without raising the cost of your power bill to eye watering levels. These can be retrofitted to most swimming pools.

Child in heated swimming pool